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Titel: Username Change?
Beitrag von: Mr.Yuck am 04. Juni 2013, 22:01:00
Have any of the admins at other nodes tried username changes?  Of course we know is based on the code, and some of the German admins might not be able to answer this. It sounds incredibly easy in theory, you just find them in the user database in phpMYADMIN, and you change the name! In my case, I only had to shorten the name, it was a team account, and the other person isn't Geocaching any longer.

But he is having problems logging in, and we notice we cannot find him with the "search user" function on the website. I can find him in phpMYADMIN by doing a search of the username.
Titel: Re: Username Change?
Beitrag von: Mr.Yuck am 07. Juni 2013, 03:40:04
Update, I guess this is just as easy as it sounds, you change the name in the user table in phpMyAdmin. I shortened the name with the backspace key, and it just didn't seem to work. When I basically did the whole thing over, and cleared out the field and retyped his new username, it worked fine.