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On May 19, all Google Maps v2 application will go out of service. This affects the following Opencaching sites

* Opencaching.CZ
* Opencaching.US
* Opencaching.SE/NO

which still run old Google Maps code and are facing a map blackout. I have contacted the PL and SE/NO operators to search for solutions, i.e. to find out which sites may be updated to current PL or DE code.

Three days left, if Google keeps the deadline.

Good (?) news:

--- Zitat ---The original deprecation period has been extended from May 19, 2013 until November 19, 2013
--- Ende Zitat ---


And maybe it works afterwards too. Here is a quote from flopps links above:

--- Zitat ---As of this date, all applications requesting v2 will be served a special, wrapped version of the v3 API instead. We expect this wrapped version of the API will work for most simple maps, but we strongly encourage you to migrate your code to version 3 of the Maps JavaScript API before this date.
--- Ende Zitat ---

Has this happened early? It was reported yesterday that the Google cache maps on are no longer working. I looked at, and nope, not working there either. I don't know about .se/.no, if anyone cares to look. I believe you need an account on all these websites to see their cache maps.

Oh, I  might add, they're identified as V3 on v2 still works, but for me they're centered on Poland (with no caches shown), and I have to pan over for Germany and The UK.

EDIT: I've since found that v2 was on the server, and I didn't even know it.  :D  However, we can say that v3 is broken right now. 


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