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Feature request
« am: 22. Dezember 2010, 14:06:41 »
Ok, I know this is possibly asking a lot but ... could the next version of the code base be written to:

1- Work on a shared hosting environment
2- Not require root access
3- Not require MySQL triggers

#3 is probably not possible but would be nice.

I understand that most (all?) other OC nodes run on dedicated servers but I sincerely believe that this is not 100% necessary. I also think that not needing a dedicated host would make it more attractive to other volunteers thinking of setting up a new node.

(Then again, if we end up going the one global node route all three requests are irrelevant :)


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Re: Feature request
« Antwort #1 am: 22. Dezember 2010, 19:19:50 »
We need some background tasks like sending notification mails.
Later we will require a daemon handling node synchronisation.
zipping files for download is much more efficient handled by native zip-binary than PHP code.
Typo3 uses imagemagick for some cool features - maybe we can do that, too.

I think it is better to share the hosting servers and capabilities between OC nodes than dropping of the advantages of that codes.

Maybe some of the nodes can get together to finance a virtual private root server?

As of my experience: When you get 20 geocachers that are willing to give you the same support as they do it for other premium-membership-sites, you will have enough money to rent a virtual private server. If you will not find 20 peoples supporting you, maybe it is better only to buy the domain and redirect it to another OC server. Another option is to as for sponsorship and reference to other OC sites to demonstrate how much advertisement can be done at the sponsored OC site.