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Many users and developers application ask us about exist API with OC. I have looking how to built API REST for OC after review many descriptions about how to create own API REST  I have found light framework and good descriptions bout how create own API RESFul use
I have spent a few days and run API REST in this moment read only but you can see how this working. It is not production version becasue not all working and I have setup API-Key only one but in final version every user who is registered they can in own profile generate own API-Key to use this API.

Description of API:

API generate outputs default in GPX but you can add param &format=xxx where xxx can:
XML, JSON GPX,53.0&dist=25&limit=10&logs=5&api-key=xxxxx

where api-key you must generate for own user registered on OC PL call:

At current it is only for test not public version on OC PL

If anybody interested this you can download package from:

Descriptions pages are in services/applications/views
main controller are in services/applications/controllers/api/
modules for controllers services/applications/models/

You can easy setup in services/applications/config/database setup username/password to connect OC DB. Package you can restore in main dir OC

CI include in API REST suport OAuth v2.0 and we can setup use OAuth with API REST (I did not try use this)

Package contain tutorial CI (link in on bootom

You can download package from

It is only proposition. At curret I don't have more time spent to tune API REST but maybe it is good point to start create API REST in OC Sites.


On i will create a restapi.
The current discussion is about the authentification-system.

We have 2 systems:
First: The developer has to register his application, so we can identify the app (with a token) and the user (user login data has to send, too).
Second: A Session based System. When an app create a session, the app give app data (like author, name, version) and user data (like username and password) to the server and the server send a sessionid back. The session is coupled with a cookie and the client ip.

One advantage of the first system is, that we can ban an app (alternatively a version of an app) from the system.



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Ok fine, It is my short work (a few days) with CI framework and it is look is very useful to create API RESTFul with API-Key and OAuth system but any solution API REST on OC will be good if will be avilable to users and dvelopers. One other our developer want to creata API RESt base on Phyton language but I know only PHP for this reason I have look any tool which help to do API REST base on PHP

Hm I have make again apirest.tgz you can rename this for apirest.tar.gz before restore or make step by step

gzip -d apirest.tgz
tar xvf apirest.tar


I think a framework is a little bit to big for a rest api :)
The functions to load a cache from database, or to do anything else, already exists.
We only have to load this function with the parameters.

When in the current code aren't any functions, so we have to create new.
So on maintenance, you only have to edit one function and not 2 or 3 files.
You know, what i mean?

Van de Bugger:

--- Zitat von: sp2ong am 31. Mai 2011, 06:53:49 ---Hi,
Many users and developers application ask us about exist API with OC.

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Do you mean an API to let developers create non-browser applications which interacts with OC database? Do you suppose read-only access or read-write one?


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