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« am: 08. August 2011, 01:18:04 »
We have a new cache type called a BITcache(tm). BIT stands for "Bound ID Tag" to represent that the cache tag is bound in plastic, better known as laminating it. :lol: There is no container and no log book. After getting their coordinates the hider creates the cache, selecting the BITcache type. A log password is required otherwise creation will fail. Once it is created, the user visits the edit page where there is an option to print the bitcache tag near the bottom of the page. The script pulls the necessary information to create the tag from the database and passes it to where the tag is auto-generated and ready to be printed. It has been tested in IE, Firefox and Chrome and views just fine. You are free to create your own template designs and sizes as long as you include all the information shown on the official version. The official version is subject to change but you'll be notified if and when this happens.

The tag can then be placed and the user edits the listing to mark it Ready for Search after it has been approved by the OC Team. The tags are one-sided and can be attached to any flat surface or hung using a wire tie or similar device. To log the find, the seeker simply visits the cache listing page by scanning the QR code or opening the shortened URL in the phone or computer browser. All BITcaches require a password to be logged and the password is printed on the tag. They enter it in and log the find. You only need a GPS to play, but smart phone users can go paperless! Everyone else can just write down the password and the shortened URL from the bitcache and log it when they get to a computer with internet access.

Yes, we know some people will cheat and share the password. If someone wants to do that, then they are only cheating themselves.

Below is an example of a bitcache.

If you wish to add this to your node, the icons are in the same folder as the others and the name is "bit". For example, 16x16-bit.png, bit.png, bit-a.png and so on. Please do not link to them on the OCUS site as I have to pay for bandwidth. :)

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Re: BITcaching
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Re: BITcaching
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That's cool. It would be a nice idea for some of our caches, where we do not want to offer real coins to be discovered with Geokretys because they are too valuable.

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Re: BITcaching
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