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« am: 12. August 2011, 15:57:34 »

Quick intro.. My caching name is Coffee Peddlers and I am from Canada. A year ago a friend purchased with the hopes of going live with it and do to limited time he was not able to do this... He has not transfered the domain over to me and I am very eager to get it live.

Here is my problem. I'm not sure what the next step is. Here are my questions on how to proceed.

1. Is there a basic platform that can be (forgive the crude expression) copy and pasted? Than customized to fit the local country.
2. What services do I require from my webhost?
3. Will it be possible to go live by the end of August?

All and any additional information would be greatly apperciated.


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« Antwort #1 am: 18. August 2011, 16:05:57 »

With the efforts at merging / synchronization the the OC community has been looking into, I wonder what OpenCaching CA and OpenCaching US could do toward this end and how we should work together.

We currently have 29 OCUS caches in Canada.  Early on, I recall that had mentioned that if a Canada site did start up, we'd likely encourage the caches to me ported over to CA.

Dave - OC US Admin