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Central OC server for new OC countries
« am: 07. September 2011, 13:26:07 »
Hi @all,

i want to ask if some of you are interested in cooperating to host several OC-sites on one common server. Every time someone asks for hosting OC for the own country, we are faced to the problem that hosting is not cheap and administration requires special skills.

Here in germany and i think in poland, too, we are happy to have an own server.

In burst times, our 2 servers at have a good load. But i am sure that most of the OC sites can be hosted on one server and that will significat lower the required budgets and personal resources and speed up the translations to foreign languages.

What we would need do that:
- someone who rents that server
- overall server administrator
- OC code administrator
- mail support peoples
- what else?

Each participating OC domain could pay something around 3 to 5 Euro per month. This would enable you to buy a good root server. And of course, you could add a paypal account for donations ...

I would recommend the server setup that has: 2 virtual hosts. One for OC source hosting and one for "other" like mail system, CMS etc.pp. The "other"-host could run Plesk, so the administration effort is very low and you dont need real admin skills for that. OC-domain-hosting could be done like and is hosted on Both use the same database, same cache types etc.pp. only the prefered user language and country is different. But you could also install 2 different source code versions and databases (but that would require more admin efforts).

Who wants to participate here?

With kind regards,