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Coffee Peddlers:

--- Zitat ---Good morning George,
    Please find attached the two different versions of your logo as they might appear on a 1.25" SigMarx signature coin.  I included both the .US version and the main version, but do I need to seek permission for the main?  Do you know anyone I could contact if so?  I appreciate any help you could offer.  In the meanwhile please feel free to use the images however you like.  There would of course be slightly different art for the larger 1.75" RepliCoins, but only in that the outside textring for GxProxy would change and would not affect your logo placement.  Thanks - Chris

Christian Mackey, C.D.

--- Ende Zitat ---

As a way of promoting we are going to have our logo as an back option on GxProxy coins. Two things have come up that I wanted to check in here first regarding.

First is his request for high res logo images, Do we have them and if so where I can get them to forward onto Chris.
Second is his question regarding the main Opencaching logo. What are the terms and conditions as far as using the standard Opencaching logo?

Below are the samples pics he sent me using the low res images he had.

Do you want to promote
The second logo is the one of them?!

Coffee Peddlers:
Sorry NO we are not promoting .com.... I will remove that pic. I will email him back to make it clear that we are not involved with .com

But what are the rules regarding the standard logo

Well, the OC-logo is not available for merchandise selling.

Haven't been on here for a little while and going through reviewing recent content.

Can you clarify?  Are you saying the OC logo can NOT be used on merchandise (to be sold)?  Who is the trademark holder?  I know OCUK has sold Pathtags, patches, and (I believe) other items.  At OCUS/OCNA, we've done patches.  Is this forbidden?  I'd understood from RVRoadTrip that the logo was open for use.



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