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I'd posted this some time ago, but can't find it, so....

Now that they've been around for >1 year, I think it would be a good idea to add Garmin's to both the "Find Geocaches on:" and "Also Listed on:" options.  Is there currently code for this / have any sites done so?

It would help us review caches and provide additional information to our users.


I think, it would be better to remove the "Also listed at" option complete. This option only sends users to, but we should ensure, that users only remain with us.

Just my $0.02...

I definitely disagree.  I think it is a useful tool and in line with our "open" nature.  I think it is a given that the vast majority of cachers are going to do, at least, some of their caching at Groundspeak.  Also, when reviewing caches, I do like to be able to easily check on caches, regardless of the site they're on.

Anyone else have an opinion?


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I have another concept in mind:
Why don´t get rid of the waypoint-fileld completely and only allow oc-only caches in our database?
So this would be the same concept like terracaching is doing.

Because the never-ending-dilemma is that if an owner publishes his cache on multiple sites,
then he will probably forget to maintain all listings in the same manner. Here at
I find many caches which are archivied by the user on gc, but the oc-listing is still active  :-\
With oc-only caches this problem is reduced...


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