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Suggestions for a Developer "Help Wanted" Ad?


Oliver had been helping us our lot, but we really need to find a "local" / dedicated developer.

Currently, only George / Coffee Peddlers has full access to do stuff and he's been seriously busy with work and I'm not sure he has the expertise, anyway.  (from his comments)

What should we put in a "Help Wanted" post, in an effort to see if we have any members who would be interested / able to help us out.


I believe this is a global broblem  :'(

The Dutch site has the same problem.

Anyone have any helpful info? 

The main problem is that the code of opencaching has been devided.
There are two paths now, one is ocpl code, and one is ocde code.
And we here in germany are now restructering our code, so we couldnĀ“t
help You, because ocna is baed on ocpl-code.

Sorry to say, Mic@


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