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OCDE views and node IDs

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I tried to create a SVG of this bitmap. I hope you are able to use and edit this file...
Is it allowed to publish a modified graphic with "our" CC-Licence?


The license allows modification, and the bitmap version already was modified in 2012. Now it needs to be updated:

- Start of UK site, based on PL code (2009)
- NL was rebased on PL code (2013)
- Start of the RO site, based on PL cide (2014)
- .fr view was added to the DE site (2015)

I'll try to modify it this weekend


Ready :)
It is a SVG-file created with Inkscape. Everyone should be able to modify this file
@following: Would you mind if you review this file?

I have done some changes. The double arrows indicate that the RO and NL code is synchronized with PL code.


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