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Bit Cache - virtual cache
« am: 20. August 2017, 07:59:19 »
I see the topic of BitCache has been addressed in the forum ( 2011/2013/2015) ...  but I can't find a definite answer....
I am planning to approach the authorities of the Municipality to put a series of caches in "Al Balad", old / historical Jeddah, to get permission to install some geocaches.
I am told that the installation of physical containers is likely to be denied and that the virtual caches should be the easier to get.
There are already some QR code placed in Balad, so some of the Virtual Caches would be duplicates, some would be original locations ...

I liked what I saw here: but I understand this is not supported (yet) in OC.DE.
I saw in the forum discussion about the use of QR code which might not be a good idea ( not everybody has a smart phone, security)... but in the sample mentioned both the URL and the password appear in clear. so the QR code would be a "short cut" for lazy typers.

I haven't used BitCaches nor Virtual caches, but my understanding is that with a bit cache since you provide a password it is all automated. you don't need to send a picture of a proof that you've been there, that picture doesn't clog the internet/your mailbox/the OC server and the cache owner doesn't waste time approving/validating .

Has the decision been taken not to implement BIT Caches?
or am i missing a way to easily create virtual caches to do what bit caches seem to be doing? a printed sign easy for the cache owner and easy for the geocacher to log .


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Re: Bit Cache - virtual cache
« Antwort #1 am: 07. September 2017, 09:06:14 »

this idea isn't the problem.

I thinkt it's just the missing support on server side?
How to create such a tag...

Actually it's possible to register a virtual cache. This is the same principle.
In each Listing - you can setup a password to protetct logging.
Combine this to a tag like this - and voila - a "Bit_Cache" is born.

Does this work for you or got any other mention?
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Re: Bit Cache - virtual cache
« Antwort #2 am: 09. September 2017, 09:42:43 »
I suggest to completely ignore bit caches and instead focus entirely on virtual caches for these reasons:
* bit caches _are_ virtual caches. you can do the same things with virtual caches, except for scanning a bar code (but that is not even necessary if you are using a smartphone for caching anyway).
* the name "bit cache" is (from my point of view) rather stupid, since it does not ring a bell for me (in contrast to tradi, multi, virtual, puzzle, etc.). Also the acronym itself "bound id tag" is so non-intuitive for non native speakers...
* the wiki page describing it puts the focus on the tag only, which I dislike. if you want to look for arbitrary tags, collect munzees. if you want to look for great places, go to a geocaching website and look for virtual caches.