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Re: Stats for Opencaching sites
« Antwort #30 am: 04. Juli 2020, 22:56:03 »
FWIW, Project-GC checks for word "FTF" in the log to figure it out. I don't think many people put it in their logs (I know I don't usually) so it is not the best approach.
As an alternative, Project-GC lets you use and configure a public Bookmark List for your FTFs, which is the method I use. I think it is more reliable than looking at log entries, as there may be other reasons to write about FTF in a log entry.

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Re: Stats for Opencaching sites
« Antwort #31 am: 05. Juli 2020, 00:34:20 »
Right, but I'm not sure what would be an alternative of this approach for OC. I see you have some kind of lists on OCDE which could be used for this end. On the other hand, we don't have such a thing on OCPL as far as I know.  I would prefer to have some solution that would work across the board... Uploading a file with a custom list of cache codes would be tedious.

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Re: Stats for Opencaching sites
« Antwort #32 am: 13. Juli 2020, 12:05:34 »
At also uses a filter with {FTF} entries!
But the method of j-he to put the {FTF's} in a bookmark list is probably the easiest method!
Thanks tomaszg
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