You want to get involved in the Opencaching Network?

For all who are interested in the Opencaching world, here the newsletter of today. The US site is celebrating its 5th anniversary in a few weeks, while will have its 10th anniversary just a few days before.


Greetings from OpenCaching North America! There are removal instructions at the bottom of this email. We like to say these bulletins are rare, but this is the 3rd one in a year.

We are celebrating our 5th Birthday on August 18th! We were originally founded by RVRoadTrip (Jerry) as only in 2010. He stepped down after only one year, due to health reasons (not life threatening). In 2011, CoffeePedlers, the owner of the domain name merged with us, bought, and we rebranded ourselves as OpenCaching North America.

To celebrate this 5th Birthday, we are running a contest the entire month of August, that encourages finding and hiding caches on our site. We have 24 individual prizes, and we can (and most likely will) add more before the end of the contest period. Everything you need, or need to know about the contest is outlined in this post on our blog:

They probably won't be ready until mid-October, but we are releasing 5th Anniversary Pathtags! We also will be hosting what we think is the world's first Google Hangout Geocaching event on our birthday. Check the "latest news" on the main page of our site for more info. Thanks, and please consider playing this month!