How to keep up with other nodes.

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Last month i noticed that the small map on a cachepage did not work anymore on the Dutch node and in that time the German, Italic and Spanish did not work also.
Now on all three nodes the map works fine but not on the Dutch node because there has been changing some things in their code.

The problem for me is that i am the only one left on the Dutch node who is trying to do something to keep the site running and alive, but i am not a programmer and doing the best i can.

Can some one from the other nodes post a message or a description on the "Howto" pages in the developer forum when a problem is solved or when a new feature is added on the other nodes and please make a Howto for the rest of the nodes so they can keep up and modify the nodes themselves.

Owner and allround admin of the Dutch OC node.

Harrie Klomp

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