OpenCaching US - New Lead Admin(s) - Need Help

Ideas and plans to talk about

Last I'd heard, Metrax was dealing with personal issues that were preventing his involvement with OC.  Is this still the case?

OC.US is looking at bringing on two new leads and we will need help getting them set up as admins for the site.  I sent Metrax an e-mail the other day, but haven't heard anything.  Then I recalled his personal issues that were keeping him away.

Our current lead, Coffee Peddlers has, similarly, faced life changing events since taking over and has really not been able to dedicate the needed time to the site.  He has chose to pass the torch and we look like we have 2 individuals who are interested.  One of which has had something come up this week that will keep him from finalizing his commitment, but we are hopeful that this will just be a temporary delay.

Who can help us out?


Metrax was head of software development and is no longer on duty. Here you can see who is who at

bohrsty is responsible for the LAMP and other system configuration/maintenance stuff. We currently don't have a head of software development. I am helping out a bit, but am completely out of spare time. Also, I don't know much about the code fork, which is the basis of The guys at should be qualified to help you there.
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I'm reaching out to the OCPL team, but if any one else on these forums sees this and can help, we'd greatly appreciate it.