Podcacher #500 - Request for OC Info

Ideas and plans to talk about

I was contacted by Sonny and Sandy of the Podcacher podcast.  They're prepping for their 500th episode to be released on January 12. 

They'd like to cover what is coming up in the new year for the various caching sites.

Is there anything that any of the other OC nodes would like to share in regards to any plans for 2015?

OpenCaching North America has a few things to share.  If you can let me know, I can include it it what I send to them. 

Soonest would be best, since they may be starting to record by Friday.
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[quote="DudleyGrunt"]Is there anything that any of the other OC nodes would like to share in regards to any plans for 2015?[/quote]

We here in Germany have many things in the pipe...
...but still have the handicap that there no developers available  :'(

So the only things which might be of interest for Sonny and Sandy:

- reverse location less caches are booming, take a look here:

- we established a monthly community talk event:
  Maybe in near future the sessions will be recorded as a podcast too.

- One of our team member has implemented some nice features, for example an oc-heatmap:

Best wishes to You and all other nodes!

Thanks.  I'll try to incorporate these.  I'm going to send them an e-mail tomorrow and see if they want me to call in or just give them a list of things for them to mention.

FYI - We're still working out details, but I'll be joining The Geocaching Podcast as part-time cohost.  I will probably come on once a month or so to discuss alternative geocaching.  I'm also on the committee for GeoWoodstock XIII coming up in May, so may discuss some news for GW as we approach May.