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ClanFamily (Mirco)
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Dear international OC friends.
Our OC Code in Version 3.0.19 was deployed this Week [GIT LINK] and we call it "THE BIG BANG RELEASE".

See the Git-Link for Details.

We did a lot...
Commits: 353 incl. merge commits
Added rows: 95.756
Deleted rows: 124.719
Changed rows: 1.374

What did we change?
  • We did a refactoring on our source code to meet PSR-1/PSR-2 coding standards
  • We integrate composer for an easier deployment of third party dependencies
  • We did the first major changes to meet namespaces and PSR-4 standards
  • We start our first automated Frontend Tests
  • We reactivate forgotten Unit-Tests
  • We start to implement "Symfony" as our new Framework
  • Our first "Symfony" based feature is called "Fieldnotes Upload"
  • We integrate "scrutinizer" for a better code quality and controlling
  • We remove old usage of "tab" by spaces ;)
So as you can see... it is a BIG BANG RELEASE ;) to start a new generation of OC source code.

With our new Roadmap - we call you to help!
We also start to use crowdin for translation.
If you can support our project - we invite you to join our translation team by using this link:
If your supported language is still missing, contact our "Project Managers" or "Admin" to unlock a new language.

On any other questions feel free to ask.
Mit feudalen Grüßen,
Mirco aka Clanfamily
- Vorstand -

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