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You want to get involved in the Opencaching Network?
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I'm interested in creating a Swedish branch for the OC network. I've found that there has been an attempt to start one many years ago but it was shut down because of, I think, lack of interest from the maintainers.

On the .de site it doesn’t seem to be that much activity for Sweden, yet from my experience the interest for geocaching is quite big here. I guess most people are using commercial options.

Is it a totally bad idea to create one anyway? Should it be together with Norway this time as well? Maybe a Scandinavia/Nordic thing.
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There are two (and a half) options:

1) Make a translation of OC in Your language, so that You can use OC.de

2a) Start Your own node based on OC.de coding:
https://wiki.opencaching.eu/index.php?t ... caching-DE

2b) Start Your own node based on OC.pl coding:
https://wiki.opencaching.eu/index.php?t ... caching-PL

But first of all You should get in contact with the user "OlofL",
because he tried to merge both codings and had also the dream of a swedish oc node.

Happy caching, Mic@
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That is correct, we actually had the site live for a couple of years starting from 2009 I think.

We had translated the site to Swedish (and partly Norwegian) and was on our was with Japanse when the big Fukushima tsnunami hit so we had to abandon jp. Translation to portuguese was also ongoing I think. I had contact with developers both in pl and in de, and our goal, and my mission, was to create a common code base for all oc-sites. I still beleive that would accelerate future development tremendously, but to achive that a common code base that have all the features from all sites available as configurations are neccessary.

I still have the source code and looking at it what I think we had done was created a "fake" anscestor for both de and pl, then added de and pl to difference git branches, then we could compare them.
Our site was based on the pl code since it was more feature complete than the de code. We took features from the pl code and added them to a de base so that we could switch code base to de without loosing any functionality. I think some of our additions was picked up by the de team around 2011.

But our efforts ran out of steam mostly due to the user base. We quickly realized that the users came to our site not because it was translated (which gc wasn't at that time) but rather to place cachers that for some reason were not allowed on gc.com. I remeber especially one idiot who started to muggle the support teams caches (on both gc.com and oc.se) after disagreements. Our team was much too small for that so that more or less was the nail in the coffin and after that the site was left untouched and was up running until the server eventually crashed and we never bothered to put it online again.

I think that the translations might be worth to keep, but apart from that any new site should start with the most current and correct source code, not our anscient.
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Well, I live at the very border to Denmark, am capable of speaking danish in my mother's tongue and used to translate my listings to danish since the very first days. My issues were to make our "neighbours across the fjord" curious about the new and non-known/non-used alternative platform "opencaching" a few miles away from their groundzones. The responses since then were:
none at all ???

No danish newbie ever took my efforts for worth, no danish groundspeaker ever tried any opencaches.
By the way: my homezone at N 54° 47.124 E 009° 26.388 is named as the "OCs garden eden" because of the quantity and quality of the OC-Only-caches laid in a very tiny area and the many active teams I had the honor to recruit/support to become active owners and community-members.
No interest from the danish site since 2014!

It is more than the hen-and-the-egg-problem. Even if you offer a complete solution and have plenty of patience, it will be frustrating if nobody uses your offer.

Sorry for spreading the bad news - just my two-pence and a lot of wasted time!