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We have created a team at github (OpencachingTeam) and forked the existing repo into it and renamed it. Before forking I cleaned the old repo so we only brought two up-to-date branches with us, master and ocseprod. At the moment both branches in both repos are identical and are in fact what is running on both live and test, but this will quickly change.

The source code is maintained at github. For new developers joining the project we ask you to use the Fork+Pull method described here:

When you feel more confident managing the source code there is also the option of Shared Repository Model. There is actually no conflict between these, they can be used simultaneously form the project perspective, but you as a developer may find it easier to stick to one method at a time.

Requests to join or messages that you have added something will go to both Oliver and to me, we are both admins.

At start I will handle all pull requests into the master repo, but that may change over time and over projects.

Our goal is to keep the main repo clean with only a limited set of branches of rather big issues. Smaller isses are best kept in your local branch unless some collaboration is needed.