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I'd posted this some time ago, but can't find it, so....

Now that they've been around for >1 year, I think it would be a good idea to add Garmin's to both the "Find Geocaches on:" and "Also Listed on:" options.  Is there currently code for this / have any sites done so?

It would help us review caches and provide additional information to our users.


I think, it would be better to remove the "Also listed at" option complete. This option only sends users to, but we should ensure, that users only remain with us.

Just my $0.02...

I definitely disagree.  I think it is a useful tool and in line with our "open" nature.  I think it is a given that the vast majority of cachers are going to do, at least, some of their caching at Groundspeak.  Also, when reviewing caches, I do like to be able to easily check on caches, regardless of the site they're on.

Anyone else have an opinion?
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[quote="DudleyGrunt"]Anyone else have an opinion?[/quote]

I have another concept in mind:
Why don´t get rid of the waypoint-fileld completely and only allow oc-only caches in our database?
So this would be the same concept like terracaching is doing.

Because the never-ending-dilemma is that if an owner publishes his cache on multiple sites,
then he will probably forget to maintain all listings in the same manner. Here at
I find many caches which are archivied by the user on gc, but the oc-listing is still active  :-\
With oc-only caches this problem is reduced...
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I do agree what mic@ says and it will always be a big problem.
Sometimes i would like to get rid of that "also listed on ???" but in the Netherlands site is not very popular, so we need the crossover caches a bit to get some people overhere on

To make crossover caches with and is something i don't like because those sites are large enough and do not need help from smaller sites like and local OC sites.
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I wasn't really referencing crosslistings, per se.  However, while I'm not a huge of fan of it, I think that people should be free do so if they choose.  I don't think it should be our goal to more restrictive than Groundspeak. 

Even without waypoint link field, folks could still crosslist caches and, especially, if we were to get rid of the "Nearby caches on" links, it would be harder to know.

Anyway, my original point was about adding the same functionality for Garmin that OCUS, at least, has for, TerraCaching, Navicache, and GPSgames.

We ( are thinking about replacing the GC and NC waypoint fields by a single field, where a list of any waypoints can be entered. The Input would be parsed for known geocaching platforms and shown as appropriate links; invalid input would be rejected.

Maybe you could adopt this feature from to code ...